Give that special little person in your life a fascinating and educational book in which they are the star of the story

An exciting collection of exclusive Made to measure story books in which children take the lead. Choose the title that is suitable and make ​​your child the lead character!  With a great variety of different stories for children, there is something for every personality.

Discover our  books with attractive and cute illustrations, short texts, and adapted vocabulary for children. 

The attractive layout is sure to grow your child's desire to learn, develop their imagination and self esteem.

All our books are produced in a high quality washable hard cover and contain 24 pages. 10 or more personalisation elements required. Available in English and French. 



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    Your child is invited to the Annual Spring Ball where the bravest little fairy is crowned by the Fairy Queen.  A journey full of twists and turns through a magical fairy world.

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Treasure island


Your child and their friends set off for Treasure Island in search of treasure, doing battle with pirates along the way.

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Dinosaur land


Your child finds himself in the fantastic land of the dinosaurs with their friends, the brachiosaurus and stegosaurus for a wonderful adventure...

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My farm adventure


With the help of the farm animals, your child will help Mrs Chicken to save her baby chick from the clutches of Mr Fox. What a wonderful day on the farm! 

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My journey to the stars

Your child discovers an alien in his garden and will help him
get back to his planet with the help of his friends that help him repair his spaceship and flies away in the discovery of the universe and the very strange planet of its new friend Zibulon

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The Mysterious dragon



With friends, your child decides to solve the mystery of the legend of the dragon. An adventure full of surprises and perils which allow the children to uncover the truth abut the mysterious dragon.

My Christmas adventure


Your child With his friends  are called to the rescue by the little elves.  The magical clock has been stolen but will they be able to save Christmas on time and live a magical journey in Christmas land? 

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Super heros


Your child becomes the superhero of this incredible adventure.  He will be captured with his friends by the nasty professor.  Will they be able to 

My Baby album



An album to remember the precious moments of the life of your baby: from first moments at the house, first smiles, first steps … to discovering the world.  Add your favorite pictures, and create a memorable keepsake as unique as your child.

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