New : A new range of 100% personalised school books

Remember your school year with a personalised End of Year book featuring your selected pictures  and fun facts about all the children and staff.

Create your personalised school book with the teachers and pupils !  An ideal gift for Christmas, special occasions and end of year books ! 

This new concept will allow you to create your own personalised school book featuring your selected pictures, drawings and fun facts about all the children, teachers and other school staff.

Each book is unique to each class from nursery to higher classes ! 

All you have to do is select and gather pictures from classroom activities, school outings and workshops.

Choose whether to include school projects, achievements and drawings and write your texts and comments on each picture.

Then send us your files !

The school personalised book will then be sent out within a few weeks for all the class!

These books are exclusively available to the parents of the children  who appear in the book.

Demo Nursery book

nursery book

Demo primary school

primary school book



Pupils and parents

Immortalise the best moments of your children's school days in this personalised book!

See your child in different situations by finding the photos of various activities undertaken during the shcool year. With teachers and friends, gather photos and write the text to createt this book. It is a real group work activity and a fantastic class project!

Your child will be delighted to see their whole class and relive their fun school memories find in this personalised book.

Fully customised books

Front cover with titles and photos of your choice

Inside cover printed with a personal message

Class photo printed in the book

Choose between one page per child OR two children per page

Choose text colours

Teachers and the school

Every year is different! This personalised school book is a good way to relive the best moments of the year.

Work together on the personalised book. Encourage the children to work in a group from their youngest age, and give thelm responsibilities gradually during year!

Keep a record of everything that happened, friends, teachers and all other important events during the year, 

Each book is unique for each class

Can includes photo albums of days out with the class

Can include art gallery pages with prints of children’s drawings

Include a staff page with thumbnail photos

Choose to have a blank page for the child to write/draw/stick

Use a photo and include comments of your choice on the back cover.

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